Me 113 engineering drawing i e2 80 93 mehmet aladag diagram

The information supplied in this Self-Study Report is for the confidential use of ABET and its authorized agents, and will not be disclosed without authorization of the institution concerned, except for summary data not identifiable to a specific institution.

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The last major change in the curriculum was implemented in after a one-year long and extensive departmental effort, converting the earlier two-stem-option track and rather rigid structure into today's elective driven senior year structure. In order to harmonize with the new core curriculum requirements brought by the Faculty of Engineering intwo new courses ME Mechanical Engineering Orientation and Free 3.

Elective are introduced one in the beginning of the 2nd year and the other in the senior year, and credits of those courses higher than three were reduced to three thereby making a uniform credit distribution among courses and also reducing the total credits down to for graduation.

From that point on, there have been rather small scale fine tunings made in the curriculum in order to satisfy different requirement at each change:.

Ina new course, ENG Advanced Communication Skills, was added to the curriculum as a general university requirement set by the university Senate, related to the general education area of the ME curriculum. This course had 3 credits and aimed at developing communication skills in a business context.

However, its status has been changed from compulsory to non-technical elective by the university Senate again, effective for students enrolling the programs in and later. The department decided to remove this added course from the curriculum.

As of academic year, one of the technical electives taken by seniors is restricted to a pool of courses, MEMEME and MEall regarded as design courses in the area of thermal systems. By this arrangement, it is aimed to have the students gain the ability to work in the area of thermal systems next to mechanical systems, which is handled in the compulsory capstone design course ME As of academic year, students are allowed to take one of the technical electives from engineering departments other than mechanical engineering provided that there is no substantial overlap between the courses in student's undergraduate program.

Because sufficient emphasis on "engineering ethics" and "safety" were not placed in the curricula of most departments, the Faculty Academic Board decided to include these topics in all engineering undergraduate curricula.

In the Mechanical Engineering curriculum, as of academic year the "engineering ethics" topic was included to ME and ME courses, and the "laboratory safety" topic was added to ME and ME courses. These changes increased the total credits up to for graduation. The B. Options There are no options, tracks, concentrations included in the program. Organizational Structure To be provided by the Deans office. The ME program is offered through daytime classes during fall and spring semesters.

Some courses are also offered during summer schools but not on regular basis. Student Admissions Key to the quality and performance of students in any educational program is the admission or selection process through which they enter the program.

SS scores combined with the applicants high school performances and their preferences on programs and universities are used in their placements to individual programs of all universities by the Student Selection and Placement Center SYMa nationwide institution. Over 1. A vast majority of students in the department are admitted through this process. The history of admission standards for freshmen admissions for past five years is provided in Table Note that there is a drop in the ranks of the admitted students in the Academic Year In this particular year, no new students graduated from the high-schools in Turkey due to the extension of basic education from 11 to 12 years.

Therefore, candidates took SS examination in were high school graduates of previous years, forming not a representative applicant population. Nationwide placement of top ranked graduates of 2year Technical Vocational Schools through an examination administered by SYM.

Evaluating Student Performance Student performances are evaluated on the basis of their success in the courses they take. Instructors keep records of student grades for their coursework and inform them on their achievements and grades as the semester progresses. At the end of each semesters, course and instructor evaluation questionnaires are filled by the students where this point is also rated.

Instructors have the sole authority to assign the final letter grades to students and these grades can only be submitted electronically by course instructors through the online Student Affairs Information System maintained by the Registrars Office. At the end of a semester, grade distribution statistics for all courses are sent to department chairs by the Registrars Office, so that they can monitor the performance of students in individual courses and evaluate the general performance of the department.

Advising Students While the instructors evaluate student performances in individual courses, academic advisors are in a position to monitor the overall progress of individual students. Each student admitted to the department is assigned an academic advisor and usually this advisor does not change until graduation.

These files contain all the educational records of students. They are updated every semester and an up-to-date follow-up form is distributed to the advisors prior to registration periods.

Each advisor has about 20 students and because of the large number of students in the 8. Students must obtain their advisors approval for the courses they take each semester.Jon F.

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Freeware is software you can copy and give away. But it is restricted in other ways. Please see authors copyrights and public licenses along with their programs. I do not certify that all of the software on this disk is freely copyable although I believe it to be. Thus I accept no responsibility for your act of copying this disk. I reserve the right to distribute this book and its software for a prot. Paraphrasing The GNU General Public License, you may make modications and copies and distribute them also, but your distribution which includes my work must be distributed free.

Interactivity Where a gure caption contains a pushbutton word in a boxyou can press the button to interact with the gure. Most gure captions except artists line drawings and some old scanned gures contain pushbuttons.

Some of these pushbuttons launch fun interactive programs. Most simply bring up the gure in a graphics window and all you can do is to resize the window.

That is not much fun, but it is a strong indicator that the reproducibility mechanisms are in place, and a later version of this book should have on-screen sliders, etc, for interactive parameter adjustment.

If you burn a reproducible gure see belowyou should be able to get it back exactly, including any changes you may have made to the parameters, programs, or data. Most gures denoted Not Reproducible are actually reproducible in a weaker sense.

Pressing the interactivity button should either 1 bring up an interactive program whose screen resembles the Non-Reproducible gure, or 2 display or recompute a gure like the reproducible gures except that hand annotation is missing or only part of a plot assemblage is shown. I kept the CDP gathers used extensively in the early chapters but cut out the constant-oset sections which will particularly impact the DMO chapter.

Chapter 1 Field recording geometry The basic equipment for reection seismic prospecting is a source for impulsive sound waves, a geophone something like a microphoneand a multichannel waveform display system. A survey line is dened along the earths surface. It could be the path for a ship, in which case the receiver is called a hydrophone.

About every 25 meters the source is activated, and the echoes are recorded nearby. The sound source and receiver have almost no directional tuning capability because the frequencies that penetrate the earth have wavelengths longer than the ship.

Consequently, echoes can arrive from several directions at the same time. It is the joint task of geophysicists and geologists to interpret the results. Geophysicists assume the quantitative, physical, and statistical tasks.

Their main goals, and the goal to which this book is mainly directed, is to make good pictures of the earths interior from the echoes. Oset is dened with g s rather than with s g so that positive oset means waves moving in the positive x direction. In the marine case, this means the ship is presumed to sail negatively along the x-axis. In reality the ship may go either way, and shot points may either increase or decrease as the survey proceeds. In some situations you can clarify matters by setting the eld observers shot-point numbers to negative values.

Data is dened experimentally in the space of s, g.The Board of Studies in Automobile Engineering recommended the scheme and syllabi for the BE Automobile Engineering degree programme of regulations. The Standing Committee recommends and Dr. Ganesh Murali will move. The Board of Studies in Mechanical Engineering recommended the scheme and syllabi for the BE Mechanical Engineering degree programme of regulations. Elangovan will move. The Standing Committee recommends and Prof.

Yuvaraj will move. Lakshmi Narayanan will move. Karthigai Kumar will move, ii. Rajendran will move. The Board of Studies in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering recommended the scheme and syllabi for the BE Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering degree programme of regulations.

Manoharan will move. Sivaganesan will move. The Board of Studies in Information Technology recommended the scheme and syllabi for the B Tech Information Technology degree programme of regulations. Smys will move. The Board of Studies in Master of Computer Applications recommended the scheme and syllabi for the Master of Computer Applications degree programme of regulations.

Narayani will move. Parimelazhagan will move. The Following members expressed their inability to attend the meeting due to their preoccupation. Shri K. Murugaiah, Chief executive officer of Karpagam Institutions and Dr. Nirmal Kumar, the Chairman of the Academic Council welcomed the members for the meeting.

The Standing Committee recommended and Dr. Ganesh Murali moved. Suresh seconded the motion.

Lesson: Tolerances in Technical Drawings

The regulations including the Courses of Study were discussed in detail. It was resolved to pass the detailed syllabi. The motion was put to vote and carried. Elangovan moved.

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Ganesh Murali seconded the motion. The Standing Committee recommended and Prof. Yuvaraj moved. Elangovan seconded the motion. Lakshmi Narayanan moved.The current situation in fundamental physics.

The current assumption of Lorentz symmetry. Symmetries, relativity theory, time flow and simultaneity. The main type of TFP model: motion on curled-up hyper-surfaces. Interlude: summary so far. Mass-energy relations and basic quantum mechanics. A relativistic QM wave function. A prototype unified Gravity-QM equation.

Cosmology and fundamental constants. QM measurement and the probabilistic interpretation. Time flow and physical time directionality. The main aim is to present the conceptual background, and give a general overview of the theory. Key points are presented in enough detail to show how it works at a fundamental level, and how it connects to current physics.

A range of additional results and empirical applications have been obtained in further studies, and some of these are noted here, but they cannot all be summarized in detail, and the reader is referred to additional and ongoing studies see references. TFP proposes a general approach to constructing a fundamental theory, and like string theory a number of specific TFP theories are possible, depending on the topology we choose for the space manifold. The general mechanisms proposed in the theory for quantum mechanical waves and gravity are largely independent of the particular model; but the section on cosmology is necessarily based on a particular choice of model.

This may not be the best choice in the end, but it is quite successful, and the concepts need to be illustrated with a concrete model in mind. TFP raises a number of fundamental issues in the philosophy of physics. These conceptual issues are important whether or not the empirical theory is immediately successful. But the theory does have a range of good empirical and theoretical predictions, and I propose it as a serious type of unified theory.

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Physicists may wonder why I do not simply enumerate the direct empirical predictions to support the theory, but this is not an effective way to begin. Pukerua Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

ATASA clear. The possibility of unifying these areas of modern physics in a single theoretical scheme is the prime concern. Direct empirical predictions or applications must be shown to flow naturally from the underlying theoretical scheme. The theoretical convergence of a new theory like TFP with good existing theories like GTR or quantum mechanics — showing the new theory converges with existing theories at current experimental limits - is an initial form of empirical confirmation, and the first concern is to show this.

TFP provides a number of new tests of this kind; but the initial theoretical convergence with existing theories is the issue to begin with. The most important starting point for any fundamental theory in the present context of physics are the symmetries or invariances it provides, and I will begin with a very brief summary of the current situation in modern physics to make the starting point of TFP clear.

Current fundamental physics is based on symmetries and invariances of fundamental laws. Obtaining the correct fundamental symmetries and invariances is the key to constructing any fundamental theory of physics.

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Symmetries and invariances generally correspond to general transformations: i. Classical physics was based on the Galilean symmetries, and the key problem arose at the end of the 19th Century that the Galilean invariance fails for electromagnetic theory EM. By the start of the 20th Century, Lorentz and others had recognized that the appropriate symmetry is based on the Lorentz transformations, but it was not until Einstein conceived the Special Theory of Relativity that Lorentz invariance was recognized as a fundamental symmetry of nature, providing a new conceptual basis for developing physics.

This revolution was completed in a number of stages. First was the change from the Galilean conception of an homogenous spatial manifold with time as a separate dimension, to the Einstein- Minkowski conception of the space-time manifold. From then on, the leading developments in fundamental particle physics — primarily quantum field theories — have been based on Lorentz invariance as the fundamental symmetry of nature, along with the use of space-time to provide the fundamental ontology of physics.

The subsequent development of physics up to the s or so was very successful in many areas, but with equally important anomalies. The most disturbing conceptual problem was the failure to create a consistent quantum theory of gravity. The interpretation of quantum field theories and GTR singularities also remained deeply troubling. The last few decades of the 20th Century saw increasing attempts to generate a unified theory, which would combine the quantum theory of particles and local forces with the theory of gravity and curved space-time.Recommend Documents.

Pre-Printed Version - Semantic Scholar. PDF of printed programme. Academic Guidelines Distribution Project. Printed version final - Archive of European Integration Determinants of short-term wealth effects for target and bidding firms.

Morck et al. Printed version final - Archive of European Integration 9. Html Webpage o Data versions that can be provided via the web, email, or CD. PDF Version. PDF Version self-disclosure, caring leadership, and making the class feel smaller have Despite the growing body of literature on best practices for teaching large PDF version long period nearly covering the whole of Greek philosophy. Alexander is one of Simplicius' most important sources see Baltussen forthc.

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Cables with LEAD sheath over bedding can be offered. Fire Survival cables : Heat barrier Glass backed mica tape can be applied over the conductor for Fire Survival cables to meet the test requirements of C for 3 hours as per IEC Fire Survival Cables are used where the applications require circuit integrity during a fire mainly in Fire Alarm systems, sprinkler systems in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cinemas etc. Single Core Unarmoured 0. Armoured 0. Single Core 90C Unarmoured Armoured 1.

Multicore 90C Armoured 2. Armoured 4. Aluminium 0. In actual practice these conditions may be different. Direct in Ground 30C Amp. Copper XLPE 31 41 54 68 89 Aluminium XLPE 24 32 42 52 69 90 Direct in Duct 30C Amp. Copper XLPE 29 36 49 64 85 Aluminium XLPE 22 29 39 50 65 85 Direct in Air 40C Amp.Relative Motion B. University Subject Index. Gupta Silver Edition. Edition : ISBN : Theraja, A. Theraja, S. Tarnekar, M. I: Basic Electrical Engineering B. II: AC. Machines B. Fundamentals Complex Numbers Series A.

Circuits Parallel A. Circuits A. Network Analysis A.

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Bridges A. Motor Speed Control of D. Motors Testing of D. Transmission and Distribution A. Network Theorems A. Circuits: Polyphase Circuits Transformer D. Construction of an automatic temperature regulator Fabrication of a low-cost intercom.

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Appendix I to III. Circuits Phasor Algebra Parallel A. Generators D. Question Paper Index. Theraja Revised by : Er. Edition: ISBN : Circuits D. Fundamentals Series A. Network Analysis Index. Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation Computer Engineering and. Tarnekar, P. Kharbanda, S. Machines Experiments on D. Edition : ISBN: Thuvara Chari, Dr. Ayyarppan, Dr. Velmurugan Ne w. Ironmaking B.


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